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Interview with Astrotorf Customs

July 13, 2018

Suplexed: What is your favorite custom you have ever done?
Brad: Simple answer is the last one I did. More difficult answer is various pairs for different reasons. I like the pairs where I'm really challenging myself. I did a pair of Looney Tunes AF1 a couple of years ago with 8 characters and the logo split between the shoes with full scenes for each and everyone's reaction was not just how great they were, but how it was outside of what I normally do. That type of feedback continued to push me to challenge myself and stretch my abilities to continue to get better every day. I also love doing clean colorways. Something about making something that looks better than factory and creating a new colorway nobody has seen before that really catches my eye.

Suplexed: Who is the one person you would love to make a custom for?
Brad: I'd love to do a pair for The Rock, LeBron or Seinfeld (huge sneakerhead).

Suplexed: What is the hardest custom you ever had to complete?
Brad: They're all challenging in different ways, but the Space Jam Roshes I did in 2017 were tough mostly because getting tiny details to pop on a small space on a mesh shoe is always a challenge.

Suplexed: What has changed over the years in the custom shoe world?
Brad: The amount of people doing it. While it's been around for decades, social media opened the flood gates for everyone to think they can simply buy some paint and make a quick buck. It's hard to reassure some clients why they should trust the established artists (or a reliable newcomer) when there's so many people scamming and doing shoddy work. Social media has helped and hurt the industry in the exact same ways. I will always encourage someone to try it out because that's exactly how I started, but you have to put a lot of effort into doing it the right way and stand behind your work.

Suplexed: How does someone get ahold of you to commission you for a custom shoe?
Brad: Very easily. Email and I can be found on IG @ astrotorfcustoms and Facebook at . Prices and turnaround time vary based on my work volume but I will let all my inquiries know in my initial response the full details of price, turnaround etc.