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Interview with Unbreakable Kicks

July 2, 2018

Name: Errick Spencer (UnbreakableKicks)

Hometown: Chicago IL

Favorite Shoe: Jordan 12 OvO white

Favorite Sports Team: Bulls

Favorite Place to vacation: California or Florida

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite thing to do when not making content: Family time

Name a personal goal for the next 5 years: no longer working a 9-5

Name a business goal for the next 5 years: travel the global because of sneakers

One word that describes you: Humble



SUPLEXED: Tell us a little bit about where the name Unbreakable Kicks came from?

UNBREAKABLE: Unbreakable came from my fraternity name. I was named Unbreakable while pledging my fraternity Phi Beta Sigma


SUPLEXED: What is your all-time favorite shoe and why?

UNBREAKABLE: All time favorite shoe is Jordan 6 Bred my first ever Retro I purchased


SUPLEXED: What got you into doing YouTube?

UNBREAKABLE: The love of showing and talking about sneakers!



SUPLEXED: We know you sometimes you have a better half to explain to, but what was the one shoe purchase that put you in the dog house?

UNBREAKABLE: my first PE Air Jordan 9 Michigan! My wife say the Vlog and I instantly got interrogated.


SUPLEXED: What is the one thing you think has changed the most in the sneaker culture over the past 2 years?

UNBREAKABLE: I would say culture vultures people who are just doing sneaker youtube to get a check! Not knowing the history on sneakers and just making sneaker content just to make it


SUPLEXED: What is the one thing you most want to see happen in the sneaker culture?

UNBREAKABLE: Everyone get on the same page and stop hating its to many haters in the sneaker community and at the end of the day it’s just sneakers


SUPLEXED: So tell the users a little bit of what they can expect if they follow you

UNBREAKABLE: Expect 100% honesty and expect a lot of Jordans I’m not big into other brands! I’m jordan through and through. Also expect a lot of information for beginners and information you may have never thought about


SUPLEXED: “Hit the like, subscribe, follow, and notifications for this man. Unbreakable and Suplexed. We out!”

Suplexed teamed up with Unbreakable Kicks to giveaway a pair of Levis 4. Just click the link below for his most recent video breaking down Suplexed 2.0 and be sure to get the password for the giveaway from his channel.