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Welcome to Suplexed v2.0

June 30, 2018

Welcome to the new standard in Sneakers and Streetwear! We have worked very hard to continue to bring you tools and information to simplify your life and save you money. Marketplaces are changing and emerging and Suplexed is aware. Our goal is to make Suplexed your go to for everything sneaker and street wear. We have introduced many features in version 2.0 and here are just a few...

Suplexed does all the work so you don’t have to. Real time data allows you to view all market places and find the best price for sneakers and street wear. Use our all in one interface to find the best prices, view your net payout as a seller, and edit your prices with market data in the app. Don’t waste time switching between all these places when Suplexed does it all for you.

Check out the upcoming release calendar and stay informed on ways to get those shoes for retail price before they sell out. We have made things very user friendly as we have built in release links, release reminders, ability to add to phone calendar, Chrome extension release calendar for your browser, and many other ways to never miss out!

Set pricing alerts, release reminders, Supreme drop list, deal notifications, seller alerts, Google Chrome extension, Slack, Discord, and Amazon/Google Home Briefs. We know that the times are changing and we are here to make those changes with and for you. Don’t miss out again and let Suplexed keep you informed.

For the resellers Suplexed has you covered. Whether you are a large seller or just got an extra pair to flip we have the tools to help. We have built in reseller mode to allow you to see your net payouts across all markets. Don’t let tricky fees change your judgement. We show you exactly how much you will make. We have also released limited features from SYNC into Suplexed. You can now change your prices of your listings on Stockx and Goat. Stay tuned as SYNC has many more features to come.

We know how much everyone loves free stuff. Don’t worry here at Suplexed we will be consistently doing promotions, giveaways, and other creative ways of passing value to our customers as a thank you for their support.

Don’t forget Suplexed is now also available on the web at as well as integration to Chrome, Slack, Discordand more.

Suplexed Team