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We love building mobile apps but we know the needs of the modern sneakerhead. We have created a desktop version of our game changing app. Search the hottest shoes, streetwear, information, data, tips, tricks, and more all from your computer. Generate a code from your Suplexed app and all your data will sync right to your desktop. This is just another one of the time saving and money making free features we have included to help your web experience.


Mobile Apps

We have built our foundation on our already popular app and will continue to pioneer more features continuously. Suplexed is at your fingers everywhere you go. Available on iOS and Android, Suplexed app allows you to always find the best prices across all major marketplaces as well as exclusive information to help you obtain these hard to get items. As a seller you can control your inventory across all platforms on our app for free.



You have shown us your demand for web applications so we have created this amazing tools and integrations free for Google Chrome, Firefox, Slack & Discord. Just add our free extension to your browser or connect Suplexed to your favorite messaging platform to get all of our best information including release links, special drops, restocks and more all with one click right in your browser.

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